The next-generation social simulation game in the metaverse.

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Game Design

In the year of 2077, some space adventurers found a galaxy of floating islands. Everyone can settle on an island and build their dream place to live. As the galaxy is more developed, there will be restaurants, shops, marketplace, and a central island. Check it out!


You may decorate the island with flowers and bushes, and add furniture to your house. You can walk on the island in your favorite 3D NFT character.


You can throw parties on your island with awesome music and collect exclusive resources with your friends. Share and show off your island to them!


You’ll earn token rewards from staking your island. A fully decorated island will give you a higher staking rate. You can also rent out the island and collect rents.

Genesis Collection

Owning an island NFT, you are able to build on the top of the island in the game, unlock premium features, and receive future airdrops.

Island Launch

When the game is launched, each island NFT will turn into an island with corresponding traits.

Free Mint Phase

~100 islands
Vary for wallets
0 eth + gas

Presale Phase

2000 islands
0.09 eth

Public Sale Phase

All islands left
2 per wallet
0.1 eth


Q3 2022

Genesis NFT launch

Build the initial community through influencer marketing and events.

2000 islands via presale (allowlist minting) and public sale.

Q4 2022

Game MVP launch

Game demo: Players can customize their islands with decorative items.

Beta launch: Players can collect fish and visit each other’s island for rewards.

Q1 2023

Staking and marketplace

Players will be able to soft-stake islands and earn token rewards.

Players can use the built-in marketplace to find and trade items and resources.

Q2 2023

More modules and collabs

Micro-iterations for characters, farming, achievement, central island, events, etc.

Collaborations with games, brands, and communities to build the Echo-system.



What is EchoVerse, is it a game or a metaverse?

EchoVerse will start as a social simulation game and eventually evolves into a metaverse where you’ll find your favorite NFT projects integrated.

Which blockchain?

The 2000 genesis islands will be minted on the Ethereum main chain. The game itself will run on Polygon, one of the most popular sidechains of the Ethereum blockchain.

What is an island?

Each island is represented as an NFT. It contains a random combination of appearances and natural resources and yields token rewards through island staking.

How much is an island?

Each genesis island will cost 0.1 ETH to mint and whitelisted folks receive a discount.

How to get whitelisted?

The EchoVerse team is distributing many whitelists daily through Discord. In addition, active members in the community are handpicked. Join EchoVerse’s Discord to find out!

When is the genesis island sale?

Due to the market turbulence, the EchoVerse team is waiting for the best time to announce the launch dates so it’s great for everyone!

Who are on the team?

We are a group of web3 KOLs and game experts aiming to shape the next generation of GameFi, backed by institutional investors including Formless Capital and Mask Network.

When is the game available?

The game will be built through fast iterations, step by step. The first playable version will be released by December and we’ll onboard everyone soon.

How is EchoVerse different?

No cyberpunk art style, no pixel blocks. It looks different and works differently. The game is super friendly to new players, best when you play with your good friends.

How does EchoVerse’s tokenomics work?

It adopts a dual currency system and the major currency is $ECHO. You can earn $ECHO by building your island and staking it.